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Julie grew up in a small, historic French town/settlement in Southern Missouri and now lives in St. Louis, her favorite city in the world. She divides her time between her desk-jockey day job, two literary magazines and a creative writing program for children ages 8-18 (StudioSTL). She finished her master's degree in creative writing last May.

Laine grew up in a town outside Pittsburgh and now lives in St. Louis, HER favorite city in the world (and she actually lived in other cities before she made that decision!). She divides her time between her lab monkey day job at Saint Louis University, our photography business, Nuclear Family Photo, and her fine art photography career.


literature, journalism, activism, snow, essay writing, taoism, flossing, st. louis, reading, crocheting, paris, literacy, editing, rufus wainwright, south city pride, cherokee street, downtown loft district, left bank books, subterranean books, mokabe's, st. louis magazine, south grand, the st. louis international film festival, wintermarkt, observable books, observable readings, st. louis opera theater, modernist poetry, literary criticism, oral history, waffling, being right, code monkeying, cold rain, the color yellow, wax teeth, bleu, juliette binoche, rouge, blanc, webster groves, murdoch perc, 52nd city, the tivoli, independent art market, art outside, schlafly bottleworks, river styx, readings @ duffs, short fiction, jonathan couton, sucking at fantasy football, pulling on dryer-hot socks on a butt-cold day, making waffles, being inconsistent, renting dvds, german abstract impressionism, sincerity, dusk, sugar maples, graven images, whispering, ludivine sagnier, frances mcdormand, silent admiration, longing, getting to work early, leaving early